Game 'Mood Mates'

Game 'Mood Mates'
Game 'Mood Mates' Game 'Mood Mates'
Game 'Mood Mates'

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Contents: 15 cardboard cards (85 x 85 mm) with pictures-schemes on them and 9 embroidered cushion-toys showing emotions (felt and loose filling; dimensions 125 x 105 mm).
Objective: to recognize emotions, properly name feelings, develop observation skills and imagination while creating or retelling stories of emotional
change. To help a child calm down by choosing a puppet of suitable emotion.
Toys demonstrate 3 types of emotions (joy, sadness and anger) 9 of 15 cards show a certain emotion, the other three – a sequence of emotions and the last three – situations of emotional change. The intensity of emotions is reflected by the line of lips and eyebrows.
Age: 3 – 7 years old children, children with special needs.

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